Alexandra Lay  What a great picture :)  12.21.11 - 11:21am

Cindy Sasser  You are most AMAZING! Not only is photography your niche, but friendship is also your specialty! Love ya'!  06.30.11 - 8:11pm

Jessica Beaver  You two are so cute. What a sweet and God designed relationship you two have. One I yearn for for myself. What a blessing it is to see father and daughter love each other wholly, honestly and full of mercy.  06.28.11 - 9:23pm

Karen (M0m)  So love this pic! You two are so, so cool! :)  06.28.11 - 9:14pm

Sharon Lambros  I love 2 are awesome on your own...and absolutely phenominal together!  06.28.11 - 8:35pm

Jenny  You two are just too cute!  06.28.11 - 7:57pm

Ashley Gabriel  Love it.... LOVE what the two of you do!  06.28.11 - 7:41pm