Natasha  The picture with the old jeep is my favorite. The rest are great as well!  09.21.09 - 3:57am

Lindsey  What a handsome fella! I love what you did with these--I would imagine its kind of difficult to have a masculine photo session--something different from what you do with the ladies, but mission accomplished. They look GREAT! Love love LOVE the third from the bottom!  09.20.09 - 5:01am

Christine Pobke  Amazing shots Rodney... I love the locations and texture. I always look forward to your sessions cause I know you'll always have a number of different backdrops and props that look amazing!! :)  09.19.09 - 10:50pm

Carol Layton  What a handsome guy whose personality comes thru in these emotive shots. My fav is the one with the drums. It's composition reminds me of one of Kathe Kollwitz' self portraits--the one where the lines are blurred everywhere except at her face and her hands.  09.19.09 - 4:17pm