Natasha  You two are perfect!! Happy Anniversary!  03.28.09 - 4:31pm

la marquise des anges  great blog !!! love the cup and saucer photo. rremind me of my childhood .my grand mother has the same in her kitchen. I have drinken many "tisanes" in those cups. really loved the words about your wife... makes me feel better !!!  03.28.09 - 7:37am

Richard Israel  sniff, sniff, no really you both are an inspiration to me.  03.26.09 - 9:45pm

Lindsey  Awh, wow! That was so stinking sweet it made my eyes tear up! I would probably add a "nice salad" to the list of things that make her happy too :-) Happy Anniversary you two...  03.26.09 - 8:04pm