Richard Israel  Love, love them all but the first one is my favorite.  12.21.09 - 7:58pm

Beth R.  Love it!!! Your beautiful family is just growing and would never be able to tell that you're a proud Papa! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas...  12.20.09 - 10:00pm

Tiffanie  I love these pictures!!!! I really think she looks a lot like Lindsey! Beautiful work Rodney. Have a Merry Christmas!  12.20.09 - 8:04pm

Lindsey  I don't think there is ANYTHING better than hearing a little one tell you they love you and KNOW that they really mean it. Those pictures are pure sweetness. I could lick the screen--or better yet, I'll just go and kiss on my babies.  12.20.09 - 6:16am

Natasha  YAY! I finally saw Adalei's eyes and what beautiful eyes they are!! :) That first picture is priceless - totally, totally priceless - a picture that will last for ages.  12.20.09 - 1:46am

Carol Layton  Wow. Sisters. Family. Life. Love. Winter. Beautiful.  12.19.09 - 9:25pm