Angel  Everyone looks like they are so full of joy! Great photos and story. Thanks for sharing!  12.27.09 - 7:56pm

Natasha  Great story and super sweet pictures. All families need to make that time to gather in the kitchen - such a special time.  12.26.09 - 1:09am

Lindsey  Awh, what perfect pictures! And thanks for the wonderful story...I think its easy for us to get the "giving" part of Christmas and TOTALLY miss the sacrifice that came with it. Great post! And can I just say, the photo with Layla's eyes looking across the counter top is PRICELESS!  12.25.09 - 5:40am

Carol Layton  What a treasure of expressive photographs! I went from "Aww" to a speechless "wow" to laughing out really loud. It must be really fun to be able to do this Rodney. So proud to know you.  12.24.09 - 6:22pm

Ashley Hilliard Gabriel  Love it! Looks like it was lots of fun. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!  12.24.09 - 1:28pm