Carol Layton  Oh wow, I see it now! It's like that scene of Maria and the Captain in the gazebo singing "Something Good." (Only they didn't have the cool heart shape).  01.23.10 - 9:36am

beth layton  Lindsey stole my idea!! this sounds like so much fun and i can't wait to read people's stories!  01.21.10 - 11:44am

Carol Layton  What a perfect contest for Autumn Song! Your hearts show in everything you do! Haha...funny Lindsey!  01.21.10 - 5:48am

Karen  We've already gotten responses for the "Share Your Heart" contest. Thanks so much for sharing your story ... keep them coming. Don't you just love a good, fun contest!  01.20.10 - 6:05pm

Lindsey  Such a cool contest...better start writing about my love affair with Edy's Slow Churned ice cream :-)  01.18.10 - 8:01pm