Ashley Hilliard Gabriel  I keep looking at these pictures. So beautiful! It makes you want to get married all over again. The best day of my life by far! I was lucky to have you as my photographer!  02.04.10 - 8:12am

Rose Andrews  Lauren & Augie, What beautiful wedding pictures! I hope you both have a wonderful life together. Rose  02.02.10 - 10:09am

LaVernia  These are such wonderful pictures. They truly capture you and Augie at your happiest and being yourselves. You will always treasure them. You were a beautiful bride. Be Proud!  02.02.10 - 8:58am

Sharon Lambros  This is the second time I've looked at these pictures...and they brought tears to my eyes. Lauren, you look so happy...I don't kow Auggie, but if he's anything like these shots reflect...what a cool neat guy he must be! Congratualtions to you both! Rodney, you did an awesome job of capturing such a special occassion! Bill and Dyanne, congratulations!  01.30.10 - 2:33pm

Dana  What a gorgeous wedding! everyone was beautiful. I loved little Layla in her black dress with polka dots! Rodney you are perhaps the most eloquent and sweetest writer I have ever seen when you describe people, relationships and events. Your heart and soul come through in your photography.  01.30.10 - 1:26pm

Sonya  Great pictures of Lauren & Augie's wedding. The intro from Rod was the best though!  01.27.10 - 7:47pm

Augie & Lauren  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing preview of pictures you posted on your blog. They are unbelievable!!! We already have our favorites picked out, but we're sure they will change once we see the rest of the pictures. Thanks so much for all you did on our special day, Rodney! We can already tell you truly captured our day in the way we will forever enjoy!  01.27.10 - 9:10am

Christine Pobke  What a beautiful story of connections and love!!! :) And a gorgeous gorgeous wedding of a beautiful couple! You did such a wonderful job capturing these for them on their big day... and I feel like I just know them after reading about them! :)  01.26.10 - 6:25pm

Ashley H Gabriel  Lauren looks so happy! The pics are amazing as ALWAYS! The cakes look yummy! What a beautiful couple!  01.26.10 - 8:55am

Lindsey  PERFECT! They are going to love them...I think you were spot on with capturing both their personalities!  01.26.10 - 8:48am

BILL & DYANNE BROERE   Dy and I were truly honored that you were the photographer for Lauren's wedding. Some of these images really captured the heart & soul of the moment. Can't wait to see the rest! Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  01.26.10 - 8:10am

Carol Layton  Oh Lord, Rodney. I feel speechless. I would love to see you in action sometime. How you manage to get all these great shots in one day is incomprehensible to me. They're all so full of life and joy and emotions and stories. Remarkable. If forced to pick favorites (not sure what scenario would dictate that), it would be the bride laughing with her maids and Neal singing. That composition reminds me of the feeling in church when everything else fades away and it's just you and the worship music and Jesus.  01.26.10 - 5:27am