tara  story C  02.13.10 - 5:02pm

Kelly  Story C looks at love and beauty in an unexpected place. It has my vote.  02.13.10 - 2:37pm

Tammy  Story C was very touching and very emotionally real!  02.13.10 - 2:21pm

ann O  Story C rocks!  02.13.10 - 1:06pm

mike R  I vote for story c!!  02.13.10 - 1:06pm

Joey  Story C wins hands down!  02.13.10 - 12:49pm

Megan  Story C. Those last few years, months, days and moments of our lives are priceless. Capture them while they last. Great Story.  02.13.10 - 12:21pm

Anna S-W  Story C!  02.13.10 - 12:02pm

WAB  Put my vote toward story C, please. As much as the writer would like to take pictures of these moments in his/her life at the rest home, I can clearly picture every word that person is saying. Love speaks from the heart.  02.13.10 - 10:33am

Michelle Adams  All of the stories are touching and well-written, but Story C is my first pick. Very well done!!  02.13.10 - 9:01am

Sherrill Flora  I vote for Story C - My Job is Dear to My Heart - It is a rare individual who can see such beauty, grace, and love in a nursing home. Far too often people see only aged, useless, and dying spirits. The people (and their families) living in this home are truly blessed that the writer of this story works there! BIG VOTE FOR STORY C!  02.13.10 - 8:04am

Carol Layton  While I applaud B's ability to pull heartstrings and C's usage and style, I vote for A because it has it all--not to mention humor, historical interest, and sex appeal! The story was well constructed with an engaging beginning; it held your interest throughout and was capped off with a perfect ending! Story A rocks!  02.13.10 - 6:57am

Kim  Story C is by far the best. very well written!! and touching. it's the clear winner  02.12.10 - 8:47pm

Sharon Lambros  wow - they are so very good; the first one made me smile and made me happy; the second one probably hit my heart the most; the third one made me think of a movie or documentary and oh how sad thinking of people..loved ones during their last times....this is tough..but, because I lost my mom to cancer.....I could really related to story B..so that's my vote  02.12.10 - 8:12pm

Jack C  All are good but in my opinion, B is the very best one.  02.12.10 - 7:24pm

John Parker  Story B is my favorite. Ican relate.  02.12.10 - 7:19pm

Kat  I vote for story C. What an awesome story!  02.12.10 - 4:15pm

Anna  Wow...what amazing stories. My vote goes to Story C.  02.12.10 - 4:12pm

Mary  I vote for C. great story :)  02.12.10 - 3:52pm

Barbara C Zuiderent  I vote for C..what a beautiful story.  02.12.10 - 3:06pm

Brett Moore  Story C!  02.12.10 - 1:37pm

Brandon  I'm Voting For Story C!  02.12.10 - 1:18pm

Jeremy  Story C was incredible!  02.12.10 - 1:01pm

Audrey  Story C  02.12.10 - 1:00pm

Alex  Story C  02.12.10 - 12:56pm

Buffy Tuttle  Vote for C!!!! :)  02.12.10 - 12:53pm

Lisa  Story C  02.12.10 - 12:49pm

Laura  Story C  02.12.10 - 12:31pm

Jess  Story C  02.12.10 - 11:16am

Mike  Story B  02.12.10 - 11:01am

Jayme  Story B  02.12.10 - 10:43am

Tai  Story C, without a doubt.  02.12.10 - 10:39am

TJC  Story C  02.12.10 - 10:27am

Carmen  Story C!!  02.12.10 - 10:23am

Raegan  I vote for STORY B! I absolutely LOVE it!  02.12.10 - 10:21am

TJ  Story C  02.12.10 - 10:19am

Amy  Story C  02.12.10 - 9:54am

Carol  story c  02.12.10 - 9:10am

Wendy  story C  02.12.10 - 9:09am

Joe  I vote for Story B  02.12.10 - 8:56am

Michelle  Story B was very touching it has my vote 100%  02.12.10 - 8:34am

chris  i vote for B  02.12.10 - 8:09am

TAYLOR  STORY B  02.12.10 - 7:37am

David Loflin  My vote is for B.  02.12.10 - 7:28am

Thomas K  Vote-B  02.12.10 - 7:27am

Gretchen K  I vote for B  02.12.10 - 7:24am

Joe S.  I vote for story B!  02.12.10 - 7:22am

Jamey Nichols  I vote for story B  02.12.10 - 7:20am

Bee  I vote for B!  02.12.10 - 7:18am

Frances  Story B Absolutely  02.12.10 - 7:15am

Craig B.  I vote for B  02.12.10 - 7:13am

dane bridgette  i vote B  02.12.10 - 7:12am

Linda D  I vote on B!!  02.12.10 - 7:09am

Karen  I vote for B. Very heartfelt.  02.12.10 - 7:06am

Elizabeth  I vote B!!!!!!!  02.12.10 - 6:42am

Jennifer  I vote for C!!  02.11.10 - 9:44pm

Tracy Byrd  Great stories! C was the best though!!  02.11.10 - 9:25pm

Jenny  All stories are beautiful...definately have to say C.  02.11.10 - 9:25pm

Robert  All of the stories were beautiful but I have to go with Story C... simply touching.  02.11.10 - 9:18pm

Jinni Su  Story C!! how beautiful!!!  02.11.10 - 9:16pm

Yuliana  Wow!! Story C deeply touched my heart!! =*))  02.11.10 - 9:14pm

Stephen  Story C!  02.11.10 - 8:57pm

Ashley  Story C-It is absolutely beautiful...I could see my great-grandparents in Ira and Rosemary's story!  02.11.10 - 8:26pm

Jenny  I vote for C! Great stories!  02.11.10 - 8:05pm

Jessica  story B  02.11.10 - 7:56pm

Courtney  I vote for story C, I to have worked in a nursing home and the pictures you could capture without words.. priceless.  02.11.10 - 7:30pm

Jennilee  Story B - I also watched my mother fight and win stage 2 breast cancer and while it was one of the most difficult experiences my family has ever gone through, in an odd way, her cancer made our bond as a family and our love for each other stronger.  02.11.10 - 7:20pm

Shawn  Story C  02.11.10 - 7:12pm

kathy bedussi  story b. it is true, there is no love like what a parent has for a child and a child has for their parent.  02.11.10 - 7:10pm

Alisha  I love Story C!  02.11.10 - 6:53pm

Mark  Story C of Course!  02.11.10 - 6:52pm

Sherry  story c  02.11.10 - 6:47pm

Brian  Story C! I love how beautifully the words paint a picture for the readers!  02.11.10 - 6:46pm

Debbie  I love story C  02.11.10 - 6:45pm

brooke  story C!! :) its beautiful!  02.11.10 - 6:38pm

Katie  Story C!!!  02.11.10 - 6:35pm

Tommie   Story C  02.11.10 - 6:31pm

alex  Story C  02.11.10 - 6:30pm

Tommie  Beautiful!  02.11.10 - 6:30pm

Rodney  Story C  02.11.10 - 6:20pm

Catherine  Story 3 is the best!  02.11.10 - 6:19pm

Mary  Story C!!  02.11.10 - 11:38am

Kathy  Story B: I can't stop crying, either.  02.11.10 - 5:44am

Lindsey  Man...you have some amazing writers reading your blog...should totally get one to "guest blog" sometime!! Hummm....I'm going with "B"....such a sweet and touching story!  02.11.10 - 5:39am

Debbie  All three are very touching but Story C is my favorite. Often times, those in the nursing home are forgotten members of society and this story reminds us of the love of family members who visit their loved ones who are no longer able to live independently. I can just see Ira now, walking quietly to his wife's room to spend precious moments with her...till death due us part.  02.10.10 - 10:12pm

Nicole Caldwell  My vote is for Story C.  02.10.10 - 9:42pm

Christine Pobke  Such beautiful, touching, moving stories... And a wonderful contest, Rodney! :) I vote for B! :)  02.10.10 - 9:07pm

Tracey  Story B was so very sweet. Mother/Daughter relationships are SO special!  02.10.10 - 8:31pm

pat hilliard  Story B. I can't stop crying....bless you, my beautiful child.  02.10.10 - 6:41pm

Brooke  Story C  02.10.10 - 6:26pm

Iva  I vote for story B  02.10.10 - 4:47pm

Claude  Story B  02.10.10 - 1:37pm

David  Story B is my vote.  02.10.10 - 1:17pm

mark  i vote for story B  02.10.10 - 12:26pm

Diane  Touching and very true. I vote for B, Diane  02.10.10 - 11:13am

Paul  Story B...it had me crying. Ashley you are a wonderful daughter.  02.10.10 - 10:36am

Christy  Story C  02.10.10 - 9:43am

Lynn Harris  I vote for story B because this story has truly touched my heart personally.  02.10.10 - 9:36am

Ashley  Story B  02.10.10 - 8:52am