Dana  These are adorable Karen! You look so chic as always!  03.28.10 - 7:17am

Cletus Moser  Take the glasses off....see your pretty eyes !  03.15.10 - 1:59pm

Natasha  Love the first one - that's a different side of Karen - sort of mysterious!! :) But, I also love the second one - that's the smiling face that always woke us up after sleepovers at the Slates. What fun times! :)  03.05.10 - 9:40pm

Hillarie Sanders  We haved booked colleen to photograph our wedding in october. I cant wait to see what beautiful moments she will capture!  03.03.10 - 8:28pm

Ashley H Gabriel  I really love the last one! You are such the model! Looks like you had a great time and really that is all that matters :)  03.03.10 - 2:22pm

Lindsey  I love that first shot...then again, the last one is TOTALLY mom. Layla says she NEEDS it for her bedroom..hahahaha!  03.02.10 - 8:04am

Tiffany Hargett  You would make a great model! Your so cute.  03.01.10 - 6:04pm

Amanda Tysinger  You look beautiful Karen! Love the shots! Glad to see all the instruction paid off! =)  03.01.10 - 5:05pm

Marlene Burckhalter  Looks like you're a good teacher, Rodney. Karen you look lovely as always.  03.01.10 - 4:41pm

Richard Israel  rod, you always get the prettiest models  03.01.10 - 3:51pm

Mary Marantz  LOVE that first one!! Rock on!  03.01.10 - 10:09am