Ashley H Gabriel  Karen - can you come and help me with my make up? LOL. Absolutely stunning. I love all of them but the first 2 and the last one are my personal favorites! Great job and gorgeous model!  04.01.10 - 8:44am

Natasha  I'm loving the mirror image one - that's awesome! What a beautiful young lady. :)  03.18.10 - 12:36pm

Carol Layton  I think this is my favorite session! Beautiful work Rodney and Karen. Thank you! I like the way you make the backgrounds support the mood of each shot. Of course, the model is primary in each shot....but I really love the background on that last one. It's organic and mysterious and perfect for that shot.  03.16.10 - 6:38am

Lindsey  Beautiful! The second is my personal favorite because it looks fun...wait--I kinda like the last one a lot too--its're good, real good. And you get great models too!  03.15.10 - 2:28pm

Christine  AWESOME!!! :) And Karen, you really DID do a fabulous job with the makeup! What gorgeous shots of a beautiful girl! :)  03.15.10 - 6:00am