Brenda  Beautiful Bride, It looks like you had a great time with the shoot...She is Beautiful young lady inside and out!!  06.04.10 - 8:07pm

Ashley Gabriel  My fav is the 5th photo. Love them all but that is my fav!  05.26.10 - 7:10am

Katie Welch  My brother is one LUCKY MAN!!!!!  05.24.10 - 9:56am

beth  i don't think i've loved any of your work as much as i love these photos! she is GORGEOUS. her hair is gorgeous. the last one is the most beautiful photo i've ever seen. and i love the one of her laughing and barefoot. LOVE them all!!!!!!!!!  05.23.10 - 11:28pm

Kelly Workman  My best friend is so beautiful!!  05.23.10 - 7:27pm

Lindsey  I tend to agree...I think brides are so much prettier with little down...just kinda natural. The last two are BEAUTIFUL, PS :-)  05.21.10 - 8:37pm

Cara  I especially like the last two. Great work!  05.21.10 - 8:18pm

YGuerrero  She's beautiful!! great work!! Have a great weekend!!!  05.21.10 - 7:35pm