Natasha  I'm so glad the weather turned out nice...the wedding was gorgeous! Linds...I bet that beautiful place brought back sweet memories...:)  05.30.10 - 10:31pm

Ashley Gabriel  This place looks awesome and the pics are fabulous. You guys have the best job ever!!!! Can I please get packed in your camera bag for one? I love weddings and enjoy looking at the pics :) Nice work. PS - The venue looks like a fabulous place as well!  05.26.10 - 7:09am

Lindsey  Congratulations Tyler and Bryson!! What a pleasure to be able to document the the first page of their about a day filled with joy! You can see it all over their faces.  05.26.10 - 5:19am

Jenny  Beautiful guys! I look forward to seeing your shots each time. Beautiful couple! They look like they have great spunk!  05.25.10 - 10:29pm