Angie Nelson  These are beautiful Rodney. I recognize some of the places near our home.  01.09.11 - 9:28pm

beth layton  wow the last one took my breath away.  01.07.11 - 12:05am

Carol Layton  wow rodney....these are so beautiful and so fun and they all have so much energy! (that's odd, considering subject matter, but to me they do).  01.03.11 - 9:58am

Natasha  Brrr! I need an extra blanket now...what a beautiful way to capture a true Winter Wonderland.  12.28.10 - 8:55pm

Pat Plaxico  Fabulous, just fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing, Pat  12.28.10 - 6:18pm

Juliet  these are GORGEOUS!!!! they will make amazing prints or canvases for the wall. :D  12.28.10 - 8:02am

Lindsey  Gorgeous....  12.28.10 - 7:06am

Debbie Smothers  Love the pictures Rodney! My favorite is the one with the fence & horses but the outhouse one is quite humorous.  12.28.10 - 12:17am

Debbie Shuler  You take my breath away!  12.27.10 - 11:55pm

Jessica Beaver  You are the ONLY person I know that can take a frame worthy picture of an outhouse :) Beautiful photos.  12.27.10 - 10:44pm

Jerry Murdock  Amazing shots......  12.27.10 - 3:49pm

Judy Sullivan  Loved the snow pictures. They are spectacular as seen through your eyes Rodney. (Much as I hate winter here in Indiana, it is beautiful also.) Trust you had a nice Christmas. Miss seeing you and all the family. Love to all....Judy  12.27.10 - 2:47pm