Carol  I've never seen anything like that silhouette's beautiful. It reminds me of my fav scene from The Sound of Music....when Georg proposes to Maria at night in the gazebo.  06.24.09 - 12:20pm

sabine  how gorgeous ... I was a little taken by surprise by the scary face ... :) love the ones on the bed ...  06.23.09 - 11:57am

Bert Reed  Sweet shots on the bed. Top notch.  06.22.09 - 10:32pm

Lindsey  WOW...beautiful! I think its fair to say you did a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding day justice with such amazing pictures. I agree with keep getting better and better!  06.22.09 - 7:44pm

Natasha  Rodney - you get better with each wedding/event that you post. That silouette (sp?) picture is AMAZING!! I also love the lying down shots - so peaceful looking. I think these pictures go at the top of my favorite wedding photo list. Awesome!  06.22.09 - 7:28pm