Mom (Missy)  A Big Thank You to (Autumn Song Photography) The pictures are beautiful and can't wait to see the rest.  07.23.09 - 12:54pm

Chasity  I can't beleive how wonderful it turned out. They both look great. Rodney you did a great job taking pics of Katy & Daniel!  07.22.09 - 7:15am

Jodi Salsbury  Like father, like daughter. Amazing pics. Talent is obviously hereditary!  07.22.09 - 1:45am

Ashley Hilliard  I love all of the pics..... wonderful as always. You and your dad are the best!!!!!!!!  07.21.09 - 9:05pm

Lindsey  YAY...another beautiful (and fun) wedding day. I'm so happy to be learning from the best there is!  07.21.09 - 8:41pm

Ashley Crouse  You both did an amazing job! It was so much fun working with yall. You both are such kind hearted souls which makes things so much sweeter. I can't wait to see the rest of the photo.. Hats off to you both.  07.21.09 - 8:35pm

Holly Grissom  Thank you so much for posting these pics. Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to vacation with my family, so the pics were great to look at. Daniel is a fine young man, and Katy is so beautiful. What a special moment for both of them.  07.21.09 - 7:37pm

Kelly  These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! You guys always do such an amazing job! Daniel and Katy really did have a perfect day :)  07.21.09 - 6:57pm

EMILY  AHHH! Rod and Linds - you guys are absolutely incredible! You totally captured the real D and Katy. I love that your photography is not only beauitful, but actually captures the heart and soul of the people involved - it is such a talent that you possess! And, as always, your use of light and color is impeccable. CANNOT WAIT to see the rest!!!  07.21.09 - 6:30pm

Christine  WOW. What a beautiful, luscious wedding--absolutely wonderful shots!!! I had orchids for my wedding too, but my flower photos from our photographer didn't turn out nearly as beautiful as yours... Congrats to the happy couple!  07.21.09 - 6:14pm

Natasha  These are great! They both looked so natural in front of the camera. What a cute couple! Oh yeah...once again, I love the picture of the hands...what a classic!  07.21.09 - 5:34pm