Tenisha  damn girl.  08.05.09 - 2:24pm

Sharon Lambros  Wow - Beth, I am Karen's twin and I had the greatest time today with your mom and Karen having wine and lunch in Charlotte and seeing Mama Mia. I got hear what a special person you are.....then I see these photo's and wow - how beautiful you are, both inside and out!  08.01.09 - 6:32pm

Melanie  Wow Rod, you're right! She's such a great and beautiful model!! So natural ! The pics came out so fantastic! Carol, I know you're so proud of your girl!!  07.31.09 - 9:21am

Anna  Wow. You are going to cherish these amazing photographs forever, Beth. One day, years from now, your sweet grandchildren will come across them in an old dusty album and say with such pride and reverence, "Holy $#%! Grandma was BANGIN'!"  07.31.09 - 8:18am

Carol  My favorite is the one with the barber pole coming out of her head! Just kidding. I cannot pic a favorite! I saw some of these before they were "edited". I want to learn more about how you do that! I've heard Karen talk about "editing" photos, but was never sure what that meant. Wow, you guys do amazing work from start to finish. Makeup, fun friendly photo shoot, great pics, and great editing. Thank you guys sooooo much!!!!! You're the absolute best!  07.31.09 - 7:50am

Natasha  She is absolutely gorgeous. She has such distinct facial pictures that make her super photogenic. My favorite was the one where she is looking to the side (over her shoulder). Just beautiful!  07.30.09 - 7:04pm

Christine  These are amazing, Rodney!!! Beth is beautiful and all the shots turned out so perfectly... how the heck do you do that??! :) I love her outfits too... and the PP is so dreamy. Love them all!  07.30.09 - 6:42pm

Lindsey  WOW...these are beautiful...she is such a strikingly beautiful girl. The first photograph took my breath away....  07.30.09 - 6:42pm

beth layton  i am so honored! you are such a wonderful photographer!! is it ok if i go around calling myself a fairy tell princess now that someone else has? hehe i love that! i cant wait to do this again sometime!  07.30.09 - 12:02pm