Irene Frankhouse  Just beautiful!!  08.20.09 - 12:57pm

Alex  Hey congrats Beth! my favorite is the last...  08.14.09 - 4:17pm

Natasha  She has beautiful, distinct, features. My favorite is the picture where she is wearing the hat.  08.13.09 - 4:21am

Carol  Wow, R & K, you guys have created such beautiful shots of Beth! Who knew my baby could look like a super model! We're so excited about her potential for modeling that you've exposed ;) Thanks for all your hard work and the leads!  08.13.09 - 12:02am

amanda thiessen  love how her eyes pop in every picture!  08.12.09 - 10:30pm

Christine  The makeup and the photos look fabulous!! What a talented duo you two are, Rodney and Karen!! :) My fave shot is the 2nd to last one, with the wind blowing her hair - she's a stunning girl!! :) Great work guys!  08.12.09 - 8:38pm